Membership Application

Welcome to Kiwanis. We’re glad you stopped by.                                          

Kiwanis clubs are always looking for new members.  Reach out to Kiwanians in your community and let them know you’d like to join. Don’t know any Kiwanians? No problem. Start by finding a club. Then contact a club member or officer. Let them know you’d like to learn more about Kiwanis.

There are countless benefits to becoming a Kiwanis member—fellowship, growing leadership skills, and the opportunity to serve children in your community and around the world.

We look forward to meeting you in person.

Here are five tips to help you get in touch with your local Kiwanis club.

1. Find a club. Locate a Kiwanis club in your area. Most listings include a Web address. Give the club a call and arrange a meeting with a club member or officer.  
2. Visit a club. Ask about visiting a Kiwanis meeting—or offer to speak at a meeting. It’s an excellent way to learn about Kiwanis, make contacts, and let Kiwanis members know more about you.   Visit the club pages on this website.
3. Phone home. If for any reason you need help getting in touch with a Kiwanis club, give Kiwanis International a call at 1-800-549-2647 (extension 411) or e-mail
4. Explore Kiwanis culture. A few Kiwanis facts: Kiwanis clubs are volunteer-based clubs. Traditionally, club meetings take place once a week and offer an atmosphere of fun, learning, and fellowship. In addition to attending meetings, Kiwanians typically volunteer each month to assist with club service projects. In a typical year, Kiwanis clubs worldwide organize more than 150,000 service projects—both locally and globally—and Kiwanis members dedicate more than 6 million hours of service.  Learn more about Kiwanis members
5. Get involved. New members bring fresh energy and ideas to Kiwanis clubs. We invite you to reach out, learn more, and get involved. Together, we can change the world, one child and one community at a time.

Locate a Kiwanis club near you.                                                                     

Membership Application