What's New?

May 30, 2017

Change Page Name to District Convention
Added District Convention Information to the District Convention Page inlcuding online registration 

Added link to the District Convention Information on the Home Page with mention that online registration is available.

District Events page updated

May 6, 2017

U & I Kiwanian Issues Page:  Uploaded U & I Kiwanian June/July 2017 Issue and Added link to issue on the page.

April 14, 2017

Navigation Menu rearranged and Menu item added to Access the Utah - Idaho CKI District Website.

Home Page.  The website homepage was updated by linking the updated District Foundation Donation/Contribution form to it, Removing the Utah - Idaho Key Club 2017 DCLC link from the page, Including the Governors Message from the April / May 2017 U & I Kiwanian issue on the page, uploading pdf versions of the Governors Messages from the October /November 2016, December 2016/January 2017. February/March 2017, & April/May 2017 Issues to the website and providing links to download them on the home page.  News Items displaying on the page were also updated. 

District Governor's page updated with the information for the 2016 - 17 Governor.

District Foundation Section

District Foundation Page. Updated with New Link to the Reed Culp Medal Recipients, Updated District Foundation Donation/Contribution Form (pdf) uploaded & Linked to page, Current Foundation Members, Name from Kiwanis International Foundation to Kiwanis Children's Fund and new link to the Kiwanis Children Fund. 

District Foundation Board Page. Updated with Current Board Members and their information

Donate to DF/KIF Page. Updated with Name Change to Donate to DF/KCF, Language Change on Page From Donate to the District & International Foundations to Donate to the District Foundation & Kiwanis Children's Fund; Updated Link to the District Foundation Donation / Contribution Form, Removed link to:  Click Here to Make a Donation through the Website and added "Coming Soon" by it, Changed Link Language on page from Annual Club Gift & Skip A Meal to Annual Club Gift and updated link, Changed Link Language on Page from Download the International Foundation Annual Club Gift report by District to Download the Kiwanis Children's Funds Annual Club Gift Report By District and Updated link, Changed Become a Hixson Fellow to Give and Extend Your Kiwanis Impact and updated link, Updated Kiwanis Children's Fund Contact Information, Remove outdated information about how to contribute at the bottom of the page - information is on the Give and Extend Your Kiwanis Impact Page.

Contact District Foundation - Removed

KIF Annual Gift Campaign - Removed

District Foundation Minutes - Removed (last minutes 2010)

Membership Section

Become A Member Page.  Updated with the updated Kiwanis International link to find a club, the link to the Club Listing Page was added, the membership application was uploaded and linked to the page.

Membership Form Page.  Updated with the new link to the membership application, the link to get Adobe Acrobat Reader was also updated.